Toyota Camry 1994

Toyota Camry 1994 - Think again, all those that believe that delivering the kids-or heading out for a weekend break excursion-in a midsize station wagon means tolerating a blocky, ponderous automobile. The 1994 Toyota Camry LE Wagon is magnificently styled, masters efficiency as well as offers plenty of area.

If you occur to be one of your house's more preferred types of mass transit, the Camry LE Wagon could bring as many as seven guests with its optional third-seat plan. As well as whether you're running duties or taking an extended journey, there's a lot of storage area. With both back seats down, there's 74.8 cubic feet of freight room. Up top, the adjustable roofing rack allows you lug as high as 100 extra pounds of baggage.

The Camry LE Wagon comes standard with a four-cylinder engine, yet we evaluated the transverse-mounted, 3.0-liter, 188-hp V6 design.

The MSRP of our test wagon, consisting of standard a/c, power doors and windows locks, and also cruise control, was $22,918. We included a jazzier sound system with 8 audio speakers, an anti-lock stopping system (ABDOMINAL), the third rear-seat plan, carpeted flooring mats and also a roofing rack, and the rate leapt to $25,398.

Toyota Camry 1994


With its fine lines, rounded sides, and smooth coating, it was difficult to keep our hands off the Camry LE Wagon's smooth body. The hood was slightly elevated with a delicate curve. Straight beneath was a metal sheet to safeguard all-time low from bouncing rocks. The sides of the LE Wagon were very clean in design-from the refined plastic strip that highlighted its platinum luster to the recessed door takes care of.

The hood was very easy to open with a flip of a bar, and also the oil dipstick and also reservoir were within very easy reach.

In the rear, two windshield wipers recommended a seriousness about exposure. Actually, who can see out the back of a one-rear-wiper home window in poor problems? The taillights wrapped slightly around the rear edges, contributing to our impact that everything regarding this wagon fit together completely.

On the whole, there wasn't a great deal of decor apart from the chrome Toyota emblem and also name. Yet we assume the basic, stylish styling of this wagon will still turn a few heads.

Inside Characteristics

Our 6-foot test driver slid easily into the Camry LE Wagon when the guiding wheel was increased. When in the cockpit, he discovered a comfy seat that provided great exposure as well as a shocking feeling of spaciousness for a midsize automobile.

In general, the dash looked well engineered. Controls just weren't jammed right into arrivals or hidden out of sight. The only feature we did have an issue finding was the hood release. After seeking advice from the owner's manual, we lastly discovered it under the hand brake.

The vehicle driver's seat could be changed front to back with a lever, and there were handles to change the lower torso assistance. The vehicle driver's seat reclined additionally compared to many wagons we evaluated. It additionally kicked back a bit and also supplied lots of headroom.

The backseat was comfortable sufficient for three people as well as, with 34.7-inches of legroom, a tag person wouldn't have to bother with feeling cramped. The 60/40 seat transition was conveniently achieved with a touch of a button, leaving a lot of room for long, extra-large freight.

There were numerous well-balanced safety and security features, such as significant, velour-covered assistance articles, childproof back door locks and also backseat three-point safety belt.

The rear hatch was quite wide, and rear storage space might fit 40 cubic feet of cargo. Our belongings were hidden by a retracting floor covering.

Driving Impacts

Our Camry LE Wagon launched as quietly as a stitching device and stayed rattle-free throughout our drive. On the highway, it sped up rapidly and also efficiently to 70 miles per hour with an alert, throaty noise. When up to speed, the our test wagon fit and dealt with responsively when combining into web traffic. The cruise-control buttons were on the guiding wheel itself, so we didn't have to fret about swiftly locating a lever to trigger this feature.

The LE Wagon used a stylish, high-performance drive compared with the hefty handling of other wagons. Changing in and out of equipment was simple, and the bar was ergonomically created to really feel great in our driver's hand. (Bear in mind that the LE Wagon won't shift right into drive unless the brake is on.).

Control was never a trouble, whether we were driving on ice or jam-packed snow, or when we tried a 360-degree turn at 45 mph. We were also able to turn a U-turn on a normal-width side road. Braking on an icy roadway from 20 miles per hour, we located the ABDOMINAL MUSCLE functioned as advertised but made a loud grating sound.

When rising a steep hill or drawing a lots, we slipped out of overdrive, floored it and rapidly got to 45 mph at 6,000 rpms.

As for the flight, the modern suspension didn't avoid us from really feeling bumps and abnormalities in the roadway, yet after a couple of days of commuting we possibly wouldn't have actually discovered the slight jumping.

One crucial standout: We discovered that our LE Wagon was so easy to park, it virtually seemed to assist in the initiative.


Keeping in mind Toyota's credibility for wonderful fit-and-finish, the LE Wagon really did not disappoint us.

Neither could its panache for supplying all-around convenience be overemphasized. The Camry's roominess, in particular, is among the vehicle's most positive features, which is unusual when you think about the limited wheelbase (103.1 inches). But great deals of legroom is a superb reward on this car that has actually touched all the bases.

However, excitement concerning this wagon's general bundle might be solidified a bit by its significant price tag. After all, a couple of even more dollars would certainly get you an even roomier minivan-but what you could get precede you 'd possibly shed in designing and also performance.

In the end, we found this to be a well-engineered utility automobile that happens to be a station wagon. For those who feel that a wagon is a throwback to the old boat your mom schlepped you around in, there is n o resemblance. This is an efficiency car-one that your children might even ask to borrow.